Even with the smallest of gardens C. Limon you can grow fruit. With the right choices of plants and the right maintenance, you could create a decorative value by adding fruit trees or bushes to your garden.

There are two main categories of fruits, soft fruits (raspberries or currants), which grow on canes, bushes or groundcover, and top fruits (apples and peaches), which grow on trees.

First, find out what fruits grow best in your climate. Then decide on a suitable area in your garden. Like vegetables, fruits will do best in a sunny but sheltered position. To save room, many fruit trees can be trained along wires or against a wall or a fence.

Prepare the planting area thoroughly. Dig the soil well while adding lots of well-rotten garden manure. The dug hole should be at lease the width of the root system. Most fruit trees do best if planted in the autumn. Make sure to insert the plant at the same depth as before. Newly planted trees need to be supported with a stake or a wire if trained against a wall.