As the most familiar ground cover, Lyaimachia Nummularia lawn grass is very dependant upon regular watering and mowing. To avoid the time, effort and cost, ground cover plants are a low-maintenance, attractive alternative. Some types of ground cover can even be walked on, such as chamomile and yarrow, but none can take as much foot traffic as lawn grass. Vines can also be used as ground cover when letting them simply crawl along the ground.

Ground cover plants can be planted in specific shapes to add interest to your garden, but it will be necessary to separate the plants since they begin to merge with each other and the visual effect will not be as distinct. For most efficiency, plant ground cover in shady areas, where lawn grass does not thrive. For the constantly shaded areas of your garden, ivy is a good solution. There are several types of ivy with different varieties of leaves and colors. To add interest, consider using more than one variety.

Before planting ground cover, all perennial weeds must have been destroyed. If not, it will be very difficult to remove them once the ground cover is established. For a more permanent protection against weeds, plant ground cover through woven black plastic.