To achieve a planting plan which is relaxing but also stimulating to your senses, you need to create harmony in your garden. A balance between all elements of a garden, such as walkways, trees, shrubs and flowers, is essential to the end result.

Color is important, but flowers only last for a few months every year. The stronger the framework of your yard, made up by trees or large shrubs, the less important it is to have flowers all year long. Good foliage and flowers with long seasons will make your garden look more interesting all year long.

To emphasize the year-long interest, try to interweave plants and always have one thing or one part that looks good. Planting for the short, medium and long term helps avoid the great gaps between blooming seasons. Trees and shrubs may take years to look its best, but it is usually worth it.

When you work with Better Landscape on your planting plan, not only will you have a wonderful garden to enjoy for years to come, you will get a cd of all the plants that have been installed in your garden. Download a sample (5MB, requires Microsoft PowerPoint).

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