A variety of evergreen and deciduous trees provides a good framework for your garden. Trees are a permanent feature of the landscape, so take your time planning and planting them. Don't forget to consider the full-grown size of the tree since they take years to mature.


Creating a sense of fullness, shrubs can be the most important part of your garden. They smooth the edges of corners and walls, and most of them add to the colors.

Since it takes years for shrubs to reach their full size, make sure to not plant them too close. If you are working with small shrubs which you expect to grow in the years to com, consider planting perennials to fill in the gaps at first to be moved as the shrubs grow. If you are working with a small garden, dwarf shrubs is a solution.


With the flexibility of vines, they can be very useful in covering up boring walls or climb along an arbor or trellis. For further enhancement, combine two or more climbers, such as clematis and a climbing rose.